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Difficult-to-manufacture proteins can be the “Achille’s heel” of biologic drug development programs, and can prevent promising preclinical candidates from entering the clinic.

GenoFAB can help overcome many protein expression challenges with custom, highperformance iVectors™.

GenoFAB offers a 3Stage iVector™ engagement on either a feefor-service basis, or under an innovative risk-sharing arrangement. The client retains the right to decide at each Stage whether to proceed with GenoFAB, and whether to share risk or retain full commercial rights to the asset.


Stage I: Assessment

Initial evaluation and strategy for overcoming problems with iVectors™

Specify objectives, constraints, and performance criteria

Deliver a collaboration proposal

Stage II: Proof-of-Concept

Limited exploration of vector design optionality

Demonstrate feasibility of protein expression

Deliver a prototype iVector™ and associated experimental data

Stage 3: Optimization

Extensive exploration of the vector design space

Deliver one or more optimized iVectors™ and associated experimental data

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