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GenoFAB®, LLC was setup in 2012 to ensure the sustainability of bioinformatics resources developed by Jean Peccoud and his team at the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech (formerly Virginia Bioinformatics Institute). Initially, GenoFAB was focused on making these resources available using a subscription business model. Soon, it became apparent that customers were more interested in getting access to a broad range of computational services to support their research program. GenoFAB now provides an original engagement model that includes access to software tools, custom programming, data analysis and other services.  




The main ideas behind GenoFAB technology are first described in Bioinformatics


The first version of GenoCAD is described in Nucleic Acids Research. Virginia Tech receives a $1.4M grant from the National Science Foundation to develop GenoCAD.  


GenoFAB is incorporated to ensure GenoCAD sustainability. Virginia Tech receives $1M grant from the National Science Foundation to analyze DNA fabrication processes. 


New applications of GenoCAD are described in Bioinformatics and ACS Synthetic Biology. 


Virginia Tech announces that GenoCAD support is transferred to GenoFAB to ensure its sustainability. Description of a curated library of plasmid annotations published in Nucleic Acids Research


Setup strategic partnership with Colorado State University


GenoFAB joins the Innosphere Incubator