Academic Partnership Program

We Understand Academic Life

GenoFAB has roots in academic research. Our services were first developed to address the challenges that were faced by our founder, Dr. Peccoud, as he sought the computational support necessary to achieve success in his own lab.


The services his team needed included:

  • Hosting and management of a Laboratory Information Management System and Electronic Laboratory Notebook.
  • Configuration and management of specialized bioinformatics servers
  • Development of custom software
  • Management and analysis of complex datasets

We are also intimately familiar with the administrative constraints faced by Principal Investigators working in academic institutions.

We understand the needs and the business environment. We have developed a program that allows us to meet these needs within the unique constraints of academic institutions.

Academic Partnership Program

A Program, Not a Discount

At GenoFAB, we think that academic labs need and deserve the same level of service as any corporate client.

It is common for software vendors to grant automatic discounts to academics labs. Some service providers go as far as providing free services to academic labs.

The problem with discounting prices is that it often translates into discounted support or no support.

We have developed a comprehensive program that makes it possible for us to provide premium support at no cost to select academic labs.

Admission into the program is not automatic. Labs interested in being considered for inclusion in the program are encouraged to submit an application. Labs that are a good match for our services will receive an invitation letter providing the details of the program.


10 Reasons to Join the Program

Are you considering applying for a GenoFAB academic partnership? Here are 10 reasons to do so.

  1. Submitting an application is fast and easy
  2. Get up to $30,000/year worth of services at no cost to you
  3. It does not create any obligation to buy anything
  4. Get help with managing your lab
  5. Increase the productivity of your lab
  6. Ensure operational continuity despite student turnover
  7. Ensure operational continuity between funding cycles
  8. Increase the competitiveness of your grant applications
  9. Get recognized for your outstanding research
  10. Streamline collaborations within your campus and across institutions

Ready to Apply?

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