Bioinformatics Partnership

Bioinformatics Partnership

GenoFAB seeks to engage its clients in a genuine bioinformatics partnership. We want to become an integral part of your research team. We are in the relationship for the long-term. We will be by your side along the different stages of your research projects.

The main benefits of a partnership with GenoFAB include:

Some of the services provided by GenoFAB can be provided by a multitude of IT contractors who are unlikely to have any expertise in your industry. Identifying the right vendors, negotiating the terms of your relationship with them, and coordinating their contribution to your project requires a significant allocation of your team’s limited resources.

GenoFAB understands your science and may be better able to specify the required computational services than even members of your team. GenoFAB has already developed and licensed custom software to support your project. GenoFAB has the expertise you need on hand and is well-practiced in coordinating the efforts of teams of computational experts managing different computational aspects of your project.

GenoFAB’s operation is all located within the United States. Our servers are hosted in a secured data center in Maryland. The personnel in charge of writing software and managing our servers are all based in the US.

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