Data-Driven Product Development

data-driven product development

Data-driven product development cycle

Historically, data-driven product development was nothing more than a fantasy in biotechnology. Life science research was data-poor compared to other fields of science and engineering. The low throughputs of experimental workflows and the lack of quantitative measurements limited research programs to the qualitative analysis of data generated by trial-and-error approaches.
Semi-quantitative analysis of biological data used to be sufficient to remain competitive. No longer. Today, the success of biological discovery and product development efforts largely depends on an organization’s ability to manage and analyze vast amounts of complex research data.

Nothing better illustrates this trend than the emergence of synthetic biology as a game-changing paradigm in biotechnology.

For most life science organizations, the capability to generate research data exceeds their data analysis capabilities. As a result, they lose value when their informatics infrastructure cannot extract results from poorly managed data.

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