Biotech Software

What Biotech Software?

GenoFAB develops an ecosystem of biotech software applications. Together, they support the development of synthetic DNA molecules using a principled approach from synthetic biology.

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GenoCAM integrates a Laboratory Information Management Systems and an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) customized to streamline research in biotechnology. It includes modules to develop a database of sequences, plasmids, strains, and samples in use in your group.

In order to help your team keep accurate records, the Electronic Laboratory Notebook makes it easy to link experiment reports to LIMS entries. Contact us to learn more about GenoCAM.

The design of synthetic DNA molecules is becoming increasingly important as gene synthesis becomes more accessible. To this effect, GenoCAD provides an integrated environment allowing users to generate DNA sequences using design rules.  In addition to importing design rules developed by others, users can customize existing rulesets, or create entirely new ones. Contact us to learn more about GenoCAD.