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This Productivity Blog is GenoFAB’s perspective on LIMS, laboratory management, software tools, and other issues associated with the productivity of research projects.

ELN options

The Top 6 ELN Options in 2019

We have all experienced the limitations of old -fashioned paper notebooks. Tedious to write. Difficult to read. Impossible to search. ...

lean data collection

Lean Data Collection and Analysis

There’s a tendency in some research organizations to view data analysis and data collection as activities designated to separate domains....

LIMS Software Solution

The Top 11 LIMS Software Solutions in 2019

Choosing a laboratory information management system (LIMS) is a critical decision for a research team – but it’s a difficult...

5S Lab Solutions

5S in the Laboratory: What? Why? How?

In theory, the application of the 5S methodology to a laboratory is an idea that makes sense. In practice, though,...

How to use a LIMS? Records Types

How to use a LIMS? Records Types

How to Use a LIMS? Part I – Records Any organization just getting started with a LIMS struggles with the...

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