How to design genetic constructs using GenoCAD?

How to design genetic constructs in GenoCAD?

design genetic constructs


If you are still wondering what is GenoCAD, start by watching this video first.

Designing constructs in GenoCAD is incredibly straightforward. Click on the “Design Construct” link to go to the design wizard. Once there, we need to select the grammar we would like to use to design our construct. For this demo, let’s select “Basic Grammar – No Simulation.” After we select a grammar, we need to choose the appropriate parts library we’d like to use. If only one library exists for a particular grammar, then that library is automatically chosen.

At this point, we’re ready to design our construct. Let’s design a basic expression cassette.

The wizard will now guide us through designing our cassette according to the grammar and library we have selected. In this case, the grammar is intended for expression in E. coli and it constrains us to choosing a promoter, ribosome binding site, protein coding sequence and transcriptional terminator. There are 10 promoters, 8 ribosome binding sites, 13 coding sequences and 3 terminators available.  If we select a single part for each category, then we have designed a single DNA construct. We can also step back through the history of our design process to quickly make changes. The sequence of this designed construct can be exported as a GenBank file, a FASTA file or a Plain Sequence file. We can also choose to save the design in GenoCAD to work with it later.

And that’s how easy it is to use GenoCAD to design a construct.

At this point, be sure to design a few test constructs of your own to become familiar with the design wizard. Save them. Export them. Redesign them. And please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

In our next video, we will demonstrate how to develop genetic grammars in GenoCAD.