GenoCAD Quick Tip: Editing Grammars

At GenoCAD, we believe that anyone can and should develop their own genetic grammars. Personalization and customization is power, according to President Benjamin Harrison. Actually, there’s no record he ever said that…It’s possible I just made it up, who knows.

In reality, though, the ability to create grammars de novo or customize existing ones is very powerful, it’s what allows you the scientist to create designs that function appropriately for your specific purpose. While we won’t tell you it’s necessarily easy to figure out all the details of making a functional DNA construct, the process of editing a genetic grammar in GenoCAD is pretty straightforward. We built it that way. For you.

So, here’s what you do:

  1. Log in to the GenoCAD app
  2. Click on “Parts and Grammars”
  3. Select the “Grammars” tab
  4. Pick the grammar you want and then click on “manage grammar”
  5. Select a category of genetic part to edit
  6. Click on the “Edit” icon of whichever rule you want to change
  7. Drag and drop your desired category of DNA part to edit the rule
  8. Hit save
That’s it! A few clicks, a handful of drag-and-drops, and you’re on your way to tweaking your DNA design rules. Good luck.