GenoCAD Quick Tip: Exporting a Designed Construct

Exports are a big deal. So are imports, for that matter. So much so that at the time we originally wrote this quick tip, the US Congress was having a heated argument about What to do with something called the Export/Import Bank.

We…don’t have an official position on EXIM. However, reading the news about exports and banks reminded us of something. It’s really simple to export your genetic construct from GenoCAD to a GenBank file. Or FASTA or Plain Text, for that matter. And yes, that was a brutal pun. Really terrible.

Anyway, here’s the rundown on how to expert a DNA construct once you’ve designed it in GenoCAD:

  1. Hit up and log in
  2. Click on “Design Construct”
  3. Select a grammar you want to work with
  4. Select a parts library to use for your construct
  5. Design your DNA construct using the wizard
  6. Click on “Generate Sequence Library”
  7. Name your design
  8. Pick your preferred file format
  9. Click “Generate”
  10. Use the rest of your afternoon to read up on international trade law