GenoCAD Quick Tip: Exporting Parts

You know those movies where smugglers have big, valuable objects that they have to get across a border? Generally, they end up taking only one of two approaches. One is to pack the object into a crate that’s hidden under straw in an old truck hauling live poultry. There is no possible application of that method to DNA design, so let’s focus on the second option: breaking down the object into its component parts and moving them individually. That’s kind of what you can do with GenoCAD, only it’s a lot easier and way more legal.

All you have to do to export your DNA parts from GenoCAD is:

  1. Navigate over to and log in
  2. Select the “My Parts” tab
  3. Select the category of genetic part you want to work with
  4. Select the individual DNA parts you want to export
  5. Select the “Export” button
  6. Save the parts sequences in the desired format (FASTA, GenBank, or Plain Text)
  7. Rent The Italian Job on Blu Ray while your E. coli colonies grow