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GenoFAB Platform

The GenoFAB platform integrates synthetic biology and laboratory management software applications to automate your research workflows.

Overview of the GenoFAB platform

The GenoFAB platform integrates two layers of software applications that complement each other. Every application can be used independently but the platform value is maximized when several applications are used together.

Laboratory information management software applications provide a foundation to develop and execute reproducible research workflows. These applications augment the productivity of a team, they accelerate research processes, and increase the quality and quantity of data that a team can collect with its current resources.

A layer of more specialized synthetic biology software applications takes advantage of this lab management foundation. It is composed of different applications used at different stages of the product development cycle. GenoCAD, a rule-based design automation application, supports the design phase. GenoCAM includes a number of tools used in DNA assembly workflows that constitute the build phase. The computational needs of the test and learn phases tend to be project-specific and are met with custom applications.



Laboratory Management

Applications in this group include a laboratory information management system, an electronic laboratory notebook, a process automation environment, and applications to help with the adoption of lean management methods. 

Synthetic Biology

Applications in this group include tools to design plasmids and genetic constructs, tools to help with DNA assembly and plasmid construction projects, software to process high-throughput screening data analysis, and machine learning applications.

Reasons to choose the GenoFAB platform

It's personal

GenoFAB provides a personalized support aiming to maximize the impact of your research. Our client engagement experts understand your scientific objectives and help you achieve them using the GenoFAB software environment. 

It's affordable

It is easy and affordable to get started on the GenoFAB platform. No annual contract. No sticker shock. No fixed expenses. Usage fees are aligned with the activity in your lab and the value you are getting out of the platform. 

It's transformative

Using the GenoFAB platform will naturally lead to a progressive but lasting transformation of your team standards for efficiency and reproducibility. 

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