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Laboratory Management Software

A suite of laboratory management software tools to manage lab information, improve the efficiency of laboratory processes, and manage research workflows.

Laboratory Management Software Suite

laboratory management software

Laboratory management software applications are the foundation that supports the development of efficient laboratory workflows. Efficient laboratory processes will translate into more data, better data, and ultimately more scientific results.  The GenoFAB platform includes four categories of applications that correspond to differnet levels of laboratory management.

  • Lean Management: Lean is a management philosophy that promotes continuous performance improvement by eliminating waste. Lean management has roots in manufacturing but it can be applied to research activities. Software tools supporting the adoption of lean management methods to research include dashboards with key performance indicators, tools to streamline workspace inspections, and online training resources.
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): Managing thousand of samples generated by research workflows can be daunting. The primary function of a good LIMS is to track samples in the lab. GenoFAB uses eLabInventory, a LIMS developed by Bio-ITech, now an Eppendorf company.
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN): The adoption of an ELN is the first step toward standardization and automation. They help standardize protocols and experimental workflows. GenoFAB uses eLabJournal, another production from Bio-ITech.
  • Process Automation: Automating laboratory operations is the ultimate way to higher efficiency. Laboratory processes can be automated using software applications used to automate business processes in other industries.



Have a look at the screenshots of the synthetic biology software applications. 

Reasons to use GenoFAB laboratory management software applications

They work together

GenoFAB has carefully selected applications that can work together to support the entire life cycle of a research project. 

They are easy to deploy

Web-based interfaces make it easy to give everyone in the team access to the software they need. Unlike desktop applications, there is no need to share a computer dedicated to the LIMS. No need to have your IT group manage a central server.

They are affordable

Your software expenses will reflect the level of activity in your laboratory. Everyone can get access to software resources without incurring additional costs. 

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