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Synthetic Biology Software

GenoFAB develops an ecosystem of synthetic biology software applications that support the development of synthetic DNA molecules. 

Synthetic Biology Software Suite

Synthetic Biology software suite

We provide a suite of synthetic biology software applications to support the different stages of the design-build-test-learn (DBTL) cycle.

  • Design: GenoCAD is a rule-based design tool that streamlines the design of libraries of genetic constructs. It includes a module to specify design rules, a part library management tool, and a graphical design environment. GenoCAD automates the design of your genetic constructs.
  • Build: GenoCAM is a set of software tools to support DNA assembly projects. It includes applications to design oligos for synthesis, design overlapping DNA fragments for assembly of complex genetic constructs, design PCR primers with overhang for Gibson assembly, and tools for verification of constructs by sequencing.
  • Test: Different projects rely on different measurement methods in their testing phase. As a result, it is difficult to come up with an application that fits them all. GenoFAB can help your team analyze data resulting produced by high-throughput phenotyping assays like genetic screens, flow cytometry, or microtiter plate readers.
  • Learn:  By following constructs throughout the entire DBTL cycle, GenoFAB can help you use machine learning methods to improve your constructs performance.



Have a look at the screenshots of the synthetic biology software applications. 

Reasons to use GenoFAB synthetic biology software applications

They are specialized

GenoFAB suite of applications are focused on supporting synthetic biology workflows contrary to other applications that meet a broader range of bioinformatics needs. 

They are easy to deploy

Web-based interfaces make it easy to give everyone in the team access to the software they need. Unlike desktop applications, there is no need to share a computer dedicated to bioinformatics work. No need to have your IT group manage a license server. 

They integrate in your workflows

Because they are part of the GenoFAB platform, these applications can be integrated in the workflows of your research project. 

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