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GenoFAB Process

GenoFAB relies on a structured process to help new users successfully migrate their projects to the GenoFAB platform. An initial consultation is followed by a short onboarding phase or a project-centric engagement.


Video conference to learn about your project and show you the platform.


A month to set you off on a good start on the GenoFAB platform


We work together over several months to make your project a success.


Your team uses the GenoFAB platform on its own.

Initial Consultation

The purpose of this hour-long video conference is to understand the goals of your project, your constraints, the resources available to your team, and the challenges you are facing. We show you elements of the GenoFAB platform that you are interested in. At the end of this consult, GenoFAB will suggest the level of collaboration required for the best chances of success.  Schedule your initial consultation


This type of engagement is best suited for teams who expect to use the GenoFAB platform on their own. For a small fee, we will setup on the GenoFAB platform. Over a period of a month, we will provide one on one training and help you start importing your data on the platform.


This type of engagement is best suited for teams who expect to need extensive support because they have limited resources to use the GenoFAB platform on their own. Project-centric engagement is also suitable for team who have unique needs beyond the scope of standard technical support. Prior to starting a project, GenoFAB will prepare a proposal to delimit the scope of the project, its timeline, and the fee.


Your team is able to use the GenoFAB platform on their own with minimal support. At that point, you pay as you go to use the platform. Your expenses will be aligned with your patterns of use. 

How can I get a free trial?

We do not offer free trials. Experience proves that users transitioning to the GenoFAB platform need training and support. The onboarding process is much more successful than free trials because users better understand how to use the GenoFAB for their project. 

Why do you charge for onboarding?

The main reason is that we have observed that users who have paid the onboarding fee are more committed to the process than people who did not pay anything. The second reason is that your team will get value of the onboarding process. GenoFAB experts will help your team with a roadmap for your project execution that has value in itself irrespective of whether you decide to use the GenoFAB’s platform or not.   

How does onboarding work?

You will designate a single point of contact for your team.  This person will be in charge of onboarding process and will be responsible for evaluating the platform on behalf of the group. This individual should be accountable and has the authority to evaluate the software. 

At the start of the onboarding process, we will set the scope of the onboarding process. After reviewing your team most urgent priorities, we will identify a small set of project-data that we will import on the platform to help your team understand how to use the GenoFAB platform. 

Five weekly meetings will be conducted during the onboarding process between GenoFAB and the point of contact to provide the point of contact with training and decide on a course of action for the week two come. 

How do project engagements work?

After the intial consultation, we determine the scope of the project. GenoFAB will prepare a proposal spelling out the work that GenoFAB will perform during the course of the engagement. The proposal also includes a tentative timelines, milestones, and a payment schedule. 

During the course of the project, your team will designate a point of contact who will be managing the relation with our team. Depending on the nature of the work, regular updates will be provided through weekly video conferences, emails, and other channels appropriate for the project. 

What's the difference between onboarding and projects?

The goal of onboarding is not to complete a project but just to give you the opportunity to evaluate the platform fit with your project. The scope of the work is limited to a proof-of-concept with the assumption that your team will execute the project on their own. The project-based engagements are collaborative efforts focused on the successful execution of your project. 

Do you provide consulting services?

We provide advice to people using the GenoFAB platform. These advising services may go beyond the technical support by suggesting workflows, techniques, suppliers, or best practices. We do not provide consulting services to people who are not using our software. 

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