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Data automation services can be connected to laboratory automation processes to integrate the computational steps of laboratory processes

Data Automation Services

data automation services

We provide a suite of data automation services that streamline data flows at all the stages of the design-build-test-learn (DBTL) project life cycle.

Design module: a rule-based design tool that streamlines the design of libraries of genetic constructs. It includes a module to specify design rules, a part library management tool, and a graphical design environment. GenoCAD automates the design of your genetic constructs.

Build module: a family of bioinformatics services to support DNA assembly projects. It includes services to design oligos for synthesis, design overlapping DNA fragments for assembly of complex genetic constructs, design PCR primers with overhang for Gibson assembly, and tools for verification of constructs by sequencing.

Test module: a family of data processing services to extract biological data from the raw signals produced by high-throughput measurement instruments like flow-cytometry, microtiter plate readers, mass-spectrometry, microscope, and imaging systems.

Learn module:  maching learning tools, gene network models, and statistical tools that process data collected at different stages of a project to test a biological hypothesis.


Reasons to use GenoFAB’s data automation services…

They are specialized

These computational services have been designed to support  specific stages of   research processes contrary to other applications that meet a broader range of comptuational needs.

They are easy to access

Their REST APIs make it easy to access these computational tools from various client applications. Unlike desktop applications, there is no need to share a computer dedicated to bioinformatics work. No need to have your IT group manage a license server.

They integrate in your workflows

GenoFAB data automation services have been designed from the ground up to integrate in the GenoFAB Automation platform. They can easily be integrated in the workflows of your research project.

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