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Partnership Opportunities

Partnership opportunities for providers of software applications, laboratory instrument, service providers, biotech companies, and academic labs.

Opportunities to partner with GenoFAB

The biotech research enterprise has become a global endeavour that involves a complex network of partners.

Scientists don’t need to work in the lab anymore. Many don’t want to. And most scientists should not.

Scientists design experiments from a computer. They manage the effective execution of these experiments by overseeing the contributions of various partners including contract research organizations, contract manufacturing organizations, core facilities, external collaborators, and suppliers of computational services. Upon completion of the process, scientists are responsible for interpreting the data and designing the next experiment.

Many steps of research workflows are now generally outsourced including: oligo synthesis and gene synthesis, DNA sequencing, proteomics analysis, or biomanufacturing. The recent development of companies like Transcriptic and Emerald Cloud Lab who develop automated laboratories that can be controlled remotely is another evidence of the virtualization of the research enterprise.

We are actively looking for opportunities to partner with scientists and service providers who share this vision.

Service providers: CROs, CMOs, Core Facilities

We are interested in integrating your services with our user workflows. By working with us, you will reduce your transactional costs and provide differentiating value added services to your clients. 

Instrument manufacturers

Get your instruments integrated in our user workflows. The successful integration of laboratory automation instruments and programmable liquid handling systems with research workflows remains challenging for many laboratories. By working with us, you will help your client maximize the value of their lab automation investment. Teams who are unsure how automated instruments would integrate with their workflows  may be inclined to move forward with the purchase of equipment if they know that together we can provide them with comprehensive automation strategy. 

Software Companies

We are always on the lookout for software tools that would augment our platform capability. Connect your tool to our platform to get access to new users who may not be aware of your tool or may not have the capabilities to use them to its full potential on their own.  

Biotech companies

We are happy to partner with biotechnology companies who need extra computational resources to properly execute data-intensive research projects. When standard software is not enough, a partnership is the way to go. 

Academic Labs

GenoFAB has deep roots in academic research. Many of our software tools were initially developed in academia as part of research projects. We have developed a specific partnership program for academic labs

Are you interested in partnering with GenoFAB?

Take the first step and click on the button to tell us what you need or what you have to offer. 

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