FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Remote 5S consulting service and eco-friendly by accident

Remote 5S consultingFORT COLLINS, CO.— Did you know that one flight from the West Coast to the East Coast generates about 1 metric ton of carbon – the equivalent of ~5% of the average citizen’s annual footprint?

We believe in sustainability. In fact, there’s no point doing 5S unless it is sustainable – it has to become ingrained in your work culture. Our focus on achieving that sustainability has led laboratory innovator GenoFAB to develop remote 5S consulting services using cloud-based applications to promote cultural buy-in and help your team make 5S a healthy habit in your laboratory. Result? You get a lot more value out of 5S, and we put a lot less carbon into the air, since we don’t have to fly all over the country doing 5S the old-fashioned way. That’s what we call sustainability squared!

5S is a methodology that takes its name from five principles for organizing work areas to increase efficiency and effectiveness. While its benefits have been widely accepted, industry insiders note that lasting 5S implementation is notoriously difficult to maintain without cultural buy-in.

GenoFAB’s remote service elicits greater buy-in by shifting the nature of the engagement from a consultative one (where responsibility rests on the consultant) to a coaching relationship (where responsibility ultimately resides with the internal team). The outcomes have demonstrated longer-term success.

Additional benefits of the remote service include less disruption to client schedules, systematic data collection through technology solutions, and the potential for elongated engagements – all without requiring the carbon production of air travel.

GenoFAB helps research organizations maximize the return on R&D investments by accelerating the design, execution, and analysis of experiments leading to better and faster results. GenoFAB empowers research teams with technology solutions and computational services customized to streamline flows of scientific data to reach scientific milestones on schedule and within budgets.

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