What Is

Laboratory Management?

Proper laboratory management is critical to the success of a research program. It impacts the quality of data it generates, the productivity of the lab, and the safety of its employees.

GenoFAB provides laboratory management consulting in two main focus areas:

Technology Solutions Consulting

Today’s life-science laboratories are much more than benches, microscopes, and incubators. They are complex cyber-physical systems. Most instruments are computer-controlled and produce data saved on digital media. A laboratory cannot operate without the support of robust data management systems.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) are now essential components of any laboratory’s digital backbone. We provide consulting on these and related technology solutions.

Lean Practice Consulting

Even the spatial organization of a laboratory is now reflecting the industrialization of data production in the life-sciences. Methods with roots in lean manufacturing are now successfully applied to life science laboratories, where efficient production and management are key to outputting valuable results.

GenoFAD offers lean consulting services for life science laboratories to maximize organizational capacity and productivity.


Laboratory Management Services

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