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Adopting computational methods from synthetic biology gives research organizations a competitive advantage. 

Synthetic biology startups like Zymergen or Ginkgo Bioworks have demonstrated the benefits of using advanced computational methods to drive experimental workflows. They can develop new products faster and better than organizations using more traditional approaches. These pioneers are transforming the biotechnology industry. 

To remain competitive, research organizations must adopt new approaches that leverage the power of data analytics. The new bottleneck is no longer lack of experimental capabilities, rather it is the lack of processes that maximize the productivity/value of available resources.

GenoFAB helps research teams adopt methods from synthetic biology by giving them access to an integrated technology platform, online training resources, and coaching services. 


Our suite of software applications supports synthetic biology workflows and help maximize team productivity.

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Online training programs that can be deployed in your organization to learn methods from synthetic biology

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Get your team the personalized assistance it needs to adopt new methods and tools. 

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