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The adoption of methods from synthetic biology requires more than tools. A few hours of training can go a long way toward the successful deployment of software tools. 

GenoFAB online training solutions take advantage of modern learning management technologies. It provides an interactive environment. Gamification features and quizzes help keep the students engaged. Self-paced training makes it possible for employees to complete training programs on the job, in small increments, during downtimes.

Team members and supervisors can assess trainees progress in real time. Proficiency is ensured by the successful completion of a graduation test at the end of each course. 

Online training programs can be completed by individuals who can purchase each course individually. Training programs can also be deployed throughout an organization giving managers a complete view of their team training completion rate.

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Move beyond cutting and pasting DNA sequences to design your vectors. Become a master of rule-based design of synthetic genetic constructs. 

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