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5S Coaching

Many organizations have heard of the 5S method. A lot of these have tried at one point or another to adopt this method. Many have failed along the way. They have cleaned and organized their laboratories but did not succeed to keep the place in order. 

The adoption of the 5S method requires a lasting change of culture. Success is not the decision to adopt 5S but in sustaining the 5S system three months, six months, a year after the decision was made. 

Training is an important component of this transformation. GenoFAB offers an integrated online training program that can be deployed in organizations interested in adopting the 5S system. 

However, experience proves that guidance from lean experts is often necessary in the early phase of an organization lean journey. Access to a 5S coach can help prevent common mistakes like trying to rush through process. A coach can also help manage relations between executives who wish to see lean methods adopted without necessarily giving their staff the resources necessary to be successful. 

GenoFAB’s 5S consulting services aim at promoting the client independence. The remote interaction between the expert and the client shifts the nature of the engagement from a consultative one (where responsibility rests on the consultant) to a coaching relationship (where responsibility ultimately resides with the internal team). The outcomes have demonstrated longer-term success.

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