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Efficiently track samples, manage protocols, and organize data.

eLABJournal is part of GenoFAB’s integrated technology solution.  This software offers an intuitive, robust, and flexible lab management environment. The all-in-one Laboratory Information Management System and Electronic Lab Notebook combination includes modules for sample tracking and protocol management.

Using eLABJournal improves efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching and archiving data, samples, and protocols.

The software is suitable for any lab ranging from small academic laboratories and start-up companies to large academic institutes and globally operating companies.

GenoFAB has licensed eLabJournal from Bio-ITech, a subsidiary of Eppendorf

Main Features


Sample Tracking

Always know where your samples, cell lines, and reagents are in your freezers, fridges, and other storage areas. 

Laboratory Notebook

Record your experiment results using a library of protocols and experiment templates. 


Configure your LIMS to match the unique requirements of your research program. 

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