A Smart Sequence Editor


GenoCAD is the smart DNA sequence editor for plasmid design in molecular biology and synthetic biology.

Here’s what it includes.

Database of Genetic Parts

GenoCAD database includes thousands of genetic parts used to develop plasmids for various applications. GenoLIB is a library of close to 2,000 genetic parts derived from the annotations of commonly used plasmids. The iGEM library includes parts derived from the iGEM Registry. Other libraries include parts to design synthetic transcription factorsexpression vectors in plants or Chlamydomonas reinhardtii .

Part Library Management

Dealing with so many parts can be overwhelming. GenoCAD users can customize their workspace to add their own genetic parts and organize them in libraries. GenoCAD streamlines the process by allowing users to navigate large libraries of sequences, select the ones they want to use in their project, and organize them in libraries corresponding to a team or a project.

All the data can be exported using standard file formats.

Design Rule Editor

The design rule editor allows users to capture their expertise in vector design by defining rules describing how parts should be combined. Some rules are universal. All genes need to have a start and stop codon. Others are very specific of an organism or a type of project.

The design rule editor allows your team to think about the best way to design your constructs. It makes it possible to share these rules in your organization or with the scientific community.

Sequence Design

You can design new sequences in few clicks by using parts in a library and the design rules set for the project. Many projects require the design of families of constructs to test different combinations of parts. The sequence editor supports the combinatorial design of families of constructs.

At the end of the design process, you can export your sequences using standard bioinformatics formats like GenBank or FASTA.

Rulle-Based Design Workflow


Manage a library of well-curated genetic parts. 


Define rules specifying how these parts should be combined. 


Edit the sequence of your plasmid by applying rules to your parts list.

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