5S Audit Checklist

streamlining 5S audits

Electronic Inspection Checklist

GenoFAB’s 5S Audit Checklist applications facilitates periodic inspections to monitor compliance with 5S principles. The 5S inspection is an important part of the 5S methodology. The inspection will confirm the effectiveness of the 5S program. It will show areas that need improvement before they turn into bigger issues.

5S audits are typically performed by walking through a room with a clipboard and taking notes on a paper checklist. Data from the checklist are then reported in a spreadsheet to generate reports that are displayed in the room where the data was collected. 

Problem: This traditional approach suffers from two limitations.

  • It is time consuming and inefficient to transcribe inspection results from the paper checklist to a spreadsheet. 
  • It makes it very difficult for the management of a larger facility to get access to audit data collected in different rooms. 

GenoFAB’s electronic checklist addresses these two limitations. 

  • Mobile-Friendly: The audit can be performed using a mobile phone or tablet. Data are captured electronically right during the inspections. Inspectors can take pictures of the issues they find to communicate them with the personnel working in the rooms they inspect. 
  • Build-In Reporting: Standard reports are automatically generated from the data captured during the inspection. They can be displayed on an an electronic dashboard or printed to display a hard copy on a white board. 
  • Centralized: The facility leadership responsible for the implementation of the 5S program throughout the facility can directly access results of 5S audits throughout their facility. 

Ready to streamline your 5S audits? 

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