Laboratory Workflow Automation

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Process Automation

When a scientist starts a new research project, the scientist envisions a process to collect and analyze data. This process is rarely well formalized. The scientist may not even be referred to it as a “process” but rather as an “experiment”. The process may be fluid as the details of the experimental setup are being figured out.  

Scientific creativity lies in the design of the data collection and analysis process. GenoFAB Workflow Automation software includes a process designer allowing a team to flush out every details of an experiment. The process can include laboratory operations but also computational steps and even supply chain transactions. 

When the process is published, laboratory personnel gain get a clear vision of the tasks that need to be accomplished every day toward the common goal of completing the experiment as quickly as possible. 

Laboratory managers, scientits, and executive get access to dashboards and various reporting tools giving them real-time information about the project progress. This information can be used to immediately detect reproducibility issues, monitor progress and costs, or reallocate resources to meet project deadlines. 

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