Bioinformatics Data Services

Bioinformatics Data Management

Through bioinformatics data services, GenoFAB helps its customers make the most of their data. In some cases, clients need assistance migrating legacy data sets into GenoFAB software applications. In other cases, they need assistance designing an experiment. Finally, GenoFAB can help develop custom software solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers.

Migration of legacy bioinformatics data

One possible obstacle toward the adoption of bioinformatics solutions is the existence of legacy datasets. Unfortunately, these data are often scattered and in a variety of formats. As a result, importing them to a new information system can seem overwhelming.

GenoFAB can help your team overcome these obstacles by analyzing what form of storage is best suited for your legacy data and developing scripts to facilitate their migration. For example, we can help develop a database of plasmids used in your organization by migrating your plasmid sequences to GenoCAM.

GenoFAB can also help you select a Laboratory Information Management System and an Electronic Laboratory Notebook solution. We can host and/or manage the system that best fits your team needs.

Analysis of existing and new datasets

One of the benefits of a data management system is the possibility to analyze the data. Therefore, we provide assistance with the analysis of your existing data. We can help also design new experiments to generate informative datasets.

Whenever possible, we strive to identify some recurring patterns in data analysis pipelines. Because it is desirable to enable the scientists to analyze the data they generate, we try to streamline the process using custom software.

Development of data management policies

In order to avoid falling back in data mayhem, we can help develop data management policies. Our software tools are flexible enough to support your team specific workflows. However, this flexibility comes at a price. It requires users to develop data management policies corresponding to their workflows.

To this effect, we can provide standard operating procedures and help your team customize them to best reflects your research program.