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GenoFAB, Inc.

Research organizations turn to us when…

  • They are under intense pressure to increase productivity.
  • They are facing aggressive deadlines to reach critical milestones.
  • They have collected vast amounts of data but struggle to extract actionable information from them.
  • They need to automate their processes but are unsure of their automation strategy.

  • Team members are uncertain how they can best contribute to the project success
  • They have lost valuable samples.
  • They are facing reproducibility issues because their processes are poorly documented.
  • They are striving to perform larger scale experiments to reach stronger conclusions faster.


your project success depends on information

Transform Data into Information

Data science is rapidly transforming the biotechnology industry. GenoFAB helps research organizations adopt data-driven workflows to extract actionable information from research data.

To remain competitive in the biotech marketplace, research organizations must adopt new approaches that leverage the power of data analytics. The new bottleneck is no longer lack of experimental capabilities; rather, it is the lack of processes that maximize the value of available resources.

GenoFAB provides an integrated platform that extracts actionable information from research data. The GenoFAB platform increases team performance by giving each project stakeholder including scientists, managers, technicians, suppliers, and collaborators the scientific and operational information they need to do their job and contribute to the project success.

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