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Get technology solutions and computational services
to take your life science lab to the next level. 

GenoFAB, Inc.

Do you struggle to capitalize on the full value
of your life science work?

  • Have you collected vast amounts of data without a clear strategy for analysis?
  • Have you spent months trying different vectors without reaching the level of expression you need?

  • Can you accurately match plasmid to result? Do you wish you had a better system to keep track of your experiments?
  • Is your laboratory’s approach to data management inefficient, outdated, or lacking altogether?

How GenoFAB Helps

Engineer discoveries more efficiently.

We’ve found that many life science organizations waste their R&D investments.

While they generate large amounts of data, poor experimental design leads to unusable data, poor data management leads to data losses, and poor analysis leads to an absence of results. These issues cause program delays, missed milestones, and lost opportunities.

At GenoFAB, we empower research teams with technology solutions and computational services customized to streamline flows of scientific data.

This infrastructure supports the adoption of lean management methods and helps life science organizations to reach scientific milestones on schedule and within budgets so that R&D investments don’t go to waste.



Optimize data collection with an Electronic Laboratory Notebook. 

Optimize data analytics with custom web services. 

Why partner with GenoFAB?

Deep expertise in life sciences

GenoFAB was founded by synthetic biology pioneers to solve laboratory problems. We understand the unique needs associated with life sciences.

Premier Technology solutions

We provide comprehensive consulting on and access to technology solutions to integrated R&D program management.

Cost Efficiency

Purchase the intensity effort your projects need and make scaling easier with solutions customized to your unique scientific objectives.

Take the first step toward engineering more efficient discoveries.

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