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Making Sense of Research Data

We help research teams improve their productivity by extracting actionable information from research data at every step of their project. Using our software platform, they can standardize and automate their research workflows to produce more and better data that lead to faster and stronger results. 

Developing a grammar in GenoCAD is a little like writing a review paper. You start with the headings and you progressively dig deeper in the details. At the end of the process, you have a much better appreciation for what you know and what you don’t know about a particular domain,

Oliver Purcell

Postdoc, MIT

Research teams come to us because they need to…

... meet deadlines

They are facing aggressive deadlines to reach critical milestones. They have collected vast amounts of data but struggle to extract actionable information from them. Team members are uncertain how they can best contribute to the project success.

... increase productivity

They are under intense pressure to increase productivity. They need to automate their processes but are unsure of their automation strategy. In some cases, they may have lost valuable data or samples.

... reach stronger conclusions

They are facing reproducibility issues because their processes are poorly documented and they need to increase the quality of their data. They also need to collect more data and they need to scale up their research projects.

We used GenoCAD for this project because it supports a structured workflow to capture the rules that plant expression systems need to follow. Our work will make it easier to design hundreds of constructs which some large research programs in industry desperately need.

Anna Coll

Research Scientist, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia

Why chose GenoFAB?

We are scientists. We have experienced the challenges of scientific research. We understand that the priority is the success of the project you are working on today. Rather than building data silos from the ground up, we develop application that start from your project and connect with your data stores. 

We are software developers. We have experienced the challenges of developing quality software. We understand that we create more value by integrating best-in-class software applications when possible rather than trying to develop ourselves all the tools you need. We take advantage of modern cloud-computing architectures to provide a unified user experience through integration of existing applications and focus our software development effort to create truly unique features.

We are engineers. We have experienced the challenges of running lean operations at scale. We understand how to eliminate waste and scale up research operations. We think that scientific creativity should be confined to the design of experiments and the interpretation of data not to the processes of collecting these data.

We are software users. We have experienced the frustration of traditional software licensing models that limits access to software applications. We don’t use the traditional software licensing model where users pay in advance a fee for everyone who needs access to the software. We understand that everyone in your team needs access to the tools that bring the team together. So, we don’t limit the number of user licenses. Instead of charging for the software you might use during the month, we are invoicing you at the end of the month for the software your team actually used.

We are partners. We have worked with vendors who did not care about our success and with vendors who cared too much about it.  We understand that we should get rewarded when we use the tools we provide and that we should not claim ownership of the work of your team.  We charge you only when you use our applications. We don’t require long term commitment or upfront software licensing fee. 

This lab is unlike any you’ll ever work in: organized, efficient, state of the art LIMS. Excellent training for industry jobs.

Jenna Gallegos

Postdoc, Colorado State University

Your project success depends on information…

Data science is rapidly transforming the biotechnology industry. GenoFAB helps research organizations adopt data-driven workflows to extract actionable information from research data.

To remain competitive in the biotech marketplace, research organizations must adopt new approaches that leverage the power of data analytics. The new bottleneck is no longer lack of experimental capabilities; rather, it is the lack of processes that maximize the value of available resources.

GenoFAB provides an integrated platform that extracts actionable information from research data. The GenoFAB platform increases team performance by giving each project stakeholder including scientists, managers, technicians, suppliers, and collaborators the scientific and operational information they need to do their job and contribute to the project success.

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