Empower your experiments.

Get data management tools and training to
take your life science lab to the next level. 

GenoFAB, Inc.

Do you struggle to capitalize on the full value of your life science work?

  • Have you collected vast amounts of data without a clear strategy for analysis?
  • Have you spent months trying different vectors without reaching the level of expression you need?
  • Can you accurately match plasmid to result? Do you wish you had a better system to keep track of your experiments?
  • Is your laboratory’s approach to data management inefficient, outdated, or lacking altogether?
How GenoFAB helps:

Engineer discoveries more efficiently.

We’ve found that many life science laboratories don’t get the most out of their work because they lack expertise in bioinformatics. They struggle with efficient data management and they aren’t able to effectively process high-throughput experiments.

At GenoFAB, we equip laboratories with technology tools and data management skills, then offer continuing access and support so that they can gain control of their projects.

We help labs to get better results that are empowered by data management, not hampered by it.



Optimize data collection with an Electronic Laboratory Notebook. 

Optimize data analytics with custom web services. 

Why partner with GenoFAB?

Deep expertise in life sciences

GenoFAB was founded by leading synthetic biologists to solve laboratory problems. We understand the unique needs associated with life sciences.

Comprehensive Solutions

From experiment design to technology consulting to solution hosting, we service the full set of life science lab bioinformatics needs.

Cost Efficiency

Purchase the intensity effort your projects need and make scaling easier. We offer solutions tailored to what you need, not what we sell.

Take the first step toward engineering more efficient discoveries.

You deserve to maximize the value of your experiments. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.